“Time, time, hear the bells chime Over the harbor and the city Time, one more vodka and lime To help paralyze that tiny little tick, tick, tick, tick” Time the Avenger – The Pretenders 1984 So it happened again last week – another musical icon from my youth passed away.  This time it was The Purple One – the genius that was Prince.  I remember seeing Prince’s movie, “Purple Rain” at Film Society night in college, with everyone in the audience singing along to… Read more »

ACT I “The time has come,” The Walrus said, “To talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax; of cabbages and kings…” “Yes, yes,” said The Carpenter impatiently, “But what if we could do something that would blow everyone’s mind?” Puzzled, The Walrus paused. “Like what?” “What if,” The Carpenter mused, “We could get together some of the greatest rock stars ever and get them to put on a show! That would certainly keep the oysters in line,… Read more »