“The boundaries which divide life and death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?”  Edgar Allan Poe. I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy a spooky story. There is always that moment – breath held, heart pounding – before The Big Reveal; is it a ghost? Is it real? Are they already dead? Or was it just a dream..? (lame!) There are many excellent contemporary horror writers such… Read more »

Memento mori (Latin: “remember you will die”) It’s October – the days are getting shorter and (thankfully!) cooler; the leaves are beginning to turn; the sudden morning chill is a reminder of the shifting seasons.  It is the time of Harvest and the ubiquity of pumpkin spice lattes – or pumpkin anything really…  It is also the month of Halloween! In a few short weeks, neighborhoods will be tyrannized by children demanding candy with menaces, while dressed as ghosts and witches, pirates and princesses.  We’ll scare each other with… Read more »

 Let me preface this post by saying that while I am not particularly religious, I was raised Church of England (Episcopal, or Catholic Lite, if you will). I’d like to think there is a “higher power”,  if only to explain to me why there are mosquitos but no unicorns (why mosquitos, why?) Also, I have witnessed, first hand,  the comforting power of prayer and Faith upon some who could have been forgiven for abandoning them. With that being said, I thought that I would throw my philosophical… Read more »

Welcome to my blog! This is my little corner of the Web where I post musings, pictures, and other stuff that catches my eye. Although I am a mom, this is not a “mommy blog”, so don’t expect to read “101 Handy Parenting Tips”, or “Healthy Kid-Friendly Kale Recipes”. What you will get are my (hopefully) amusing anecdotes, reviews and opinions on a variety of topics from the benign and banal, to the weird and wacky. So, if you have… Read more »

I wrote this piece all the way at the beginning of this summer, but I believe that it is still relevant today… Having kids around keep you healthy. Less than 48 hours after the girls left with grandma, I developed what is either a summer cold or a bad allergy attack.       Going to the local pool is weird without kids. Yes, you can read uninterrupted, but when it comes time to cool off in the water, it… Read more »