If you know anything about me at all, you will have ascertained that I lean somewhat Left of Center, politically, and therefore I am firmly in the Hillary or Bernie camp with regard to next year’s Presidential election.  With that being said, I feel that I need to speak plainly to my fellow (Bad Word Alert!) Liberals with regard to voting in non-Presidential elections:


The result of the mediocre Liberal turnout in the last mid-term elections, resulted in a sharp shift to the extreme right in Congress, exacerbating the venal political atmosphere that has poisoned the government since the election of President Obama. A toxic combination of ego, ambition and hate, helped spew forth the clusterfuck that was yesterday’s 11 hour (count ’em!) grilling of Hillary Clinton, ostensively with regard to the attacks on the US Embassy to Libya in 2012, and the subsequent deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador.

Hillz imagines the long, slow death of Trey Gowdy

Hillz imagines the long, slow death of Trey Gowdy

Chaired by Trey (Rabid Weasel) Gowdy, R-SC, the hearing descended into petulant bickering and name-calling, the likes of which haven’t been seen outside a toddlers’ playgroup since forever.

As a showcase of the incompetence and partisanship of the GOP committee members, it was unparalleled. This is the 8th hearing on the Benghazi attack:  you would think that after all that time, someone would have done a bit of fact checking;  but no, it seemed that the only reason for such an event at all was a further attempt to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton, by blaming her for, well, everything. Unfortunately, for the Republicans, they underestimated Hillary,  the stubbornness of The Facts, and made themselves look inept and petulant.


Uh oh, someone’s got a frowny face…

For her part, Hillary was outstanding. She answered all the questions calmly and, it seemed, with more than a little disdain for the panel. Her grace and poise when faced with repeated attacks on her character proved, I think, that she is more than up to the task of leading this country. I mean, can you imagine Ben (Ambien) Carson or, God forbid, Donald (youuugge) Trump, dealing with the likes of Vladimir (Real Life Bond Villain) Putin? What would you do, Donald? Build a wall around Moscow?!?

The domination of an increasingly extreme Republican party since the 2014 mid-terms, has resulted in the kind of backwards-thinking, reactionary partisanship that was clearly reflected in yesterday’s hearing.  Even one of their own, Kevin (grammatically challenged) McCarthy, admitted that the point of the endless investigation was to hurt Hillary’s chances of being elected President (schadenfreude, anyone?)

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),

Kevin McCarthy struggles to remember his ABC’s…

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on this political witch hunt – I thought the GOP were supposed to believe in fiscal responsibility? Wherefore art thou, Conservative Frugality? As Bernie (Everyone’s Favorite Wacky Uncle) Sanders pointed out during the Democratic debate last week, no-one really cares about what was, or was not, in Hillary’s emails.  What difference does it make now? Mistakes were made, they were apologized for and, hopefully, fixed; what is the point of dredging up the past when nothing new is to be learned? What about the four individuals’ families? How must if feel to have the tragic death of their loved ones kicked around like a political tin can by people who would be hard pressed to find Africa on a map?

You'd better get out the vote, or Rep. Cummings will whoop your ass!

You’d better get out the vote, or Rep. Cummings will whoop your ass!

So, I beseech you, fellow liberals! Whenever there is an election, Presidential or not, get your asses out and vote for candidates that can counterbalance the negativity and idiocy of what is left of the Grand Old Party.

Thank you.